On Sunday's episode of top prom dresses 2017 at First Sight Nadia chose to stay with Anthony and it looks like the pair are still going strong. The 37-year-old posed for two photo shoots in one day in Brisbane, Queensland on Saturday and she was still wearing her wedding ring. The gold band was on display as the beauty, dressed in a skin-tight strapless red dress, walked down the street to the shoot's location. The low-cut dress showed off the shapely beauty's bust and displays a hint of her slender arms. Cut high up on the thigh and leaving little to the top 1 prom dresses 2017 , the frock also made the most of the reality star's shapely pins. A matching sash around her neck and long, soft waves in her hair complimented Nadia's racy look. In another photo shoot that day, she wore a more modest white dress with ruffled layers and cut out details. The dress reached her knees but showcased her very toned calves which were accentuated by her camel toned stilettos. Once again flaunting her shoulders, the spaghetti strap dress made the most of Nadia's slim shoulders and provided just a peek of cleavage. Meanwhile, Nadia has revealed that she does not see Anthony as 'abusive' despite viewer's outrage that she chose to stay with him. 'I decided to stay because I didn't want to top 1 prom dresses 2017 up and I didn't want to have a regret and ask myself 'what if'' She added, 'I don't think he is abusive, I just think he doesn't have a filter, so the way that it comes across and the way he expresses himself can come across as quite abrupt.' The flight attendant however admits her mother is 'not happy' with her decision to remain with her husband. Nadia has also revealed that her own family dynamic has coloured her view of relationships. 'I didn't grow up with a father, I grew up with a very cheap Sherri Hill dresses 2017 mother...And it kills me because they're so fiercely independent that it makes it hard to make yourself vulnerable in a relationship. 'I would've loved to have had a father and a mother and a beautiful balanced household because that would've given me that sense of that's where I want to be, that's where my relationship goals are. But I didn't have that.'